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How to differentiate b2b and b2c recharge software?

Since, you know online mobile recharge business is flourishing than ever before, you need to know why it is so. I have discussed about it in one of my posts, feel free to check it; if you haven’t gone through it yet. If you have, let’s now dig deep into the types of mobile recharge software.

You already know there are two types of mobile recharge software: B2B and B2C mobile recharge software. They are obviously built with different purposes, since they are meant to be used for different purposes. Hence, they differ quite a lot as far as their features and usages are concerned.

If you are new to this online recharge business, or you are someone, who is looking to start a new one; you need to know the features of both types of software. Once, you know the nitty gritty of it. Things would get lot easier.

But when you are starting a recharge site, you need to know the features of both types. This would help you monitoring the development of any type of all in one recharge software.

So are you ready? Let’s start off:


Here are the differences between b2b and b2c mobile recharge software

If we want to differentiate the b2b and b2c mobile recharge software, we need to analyze the features of both of them. This will give you a clear insight to the very matter of the subject. Since, there are a lot of differences between b2b and b2c recharge software; let’s focus on top five features of each.

Let’s first find out the features of b2b recharge software:

1.Integartion of distributor and retailer both online and offline:

B2B recharge software is such kind of software, where you can add many more distributors and retailers both online and offline. This obvious puts a great deal of liberty to users; since they can use as per their convenience.

2.Transaction of fund made through SMS or website:

Yes, recharges are made through SMS and website in B2B mobile recharge software. This makes this very system safe, hassle free, and obviously easy to work with.

3.Integration of multiple API system:

Obviously different clients have different needs; since not all of them use the same network. Hence, it is mandatory on the part of developers that they integrate multiple API in b2b recharge software. Besides that, they also have to integrate the API shifting mechanism in b2b recharge software.


4.Admin entitled to change anything:

Since, admin is the one, who owns online recharge business, hence, he can do anything as per his wish. He can change content, image, and the whole designing of website as and when he feels so.

5.Offers both type of recharges:

As an user, you can avail both types of recharges in b2b recharge software: prepaid and postpaid. Needless to say, this does allow you to do things as per your need. Hence, this puts users to a great deal of liberty.

There are some other features of b2b recharge software like quick generation of search result, integration of LAPU device, force fail and success of recharges, user friendly web panel, export of report and many more.

Let’s now find out the top features of b2c mobile recharge software:

Since, we have already got features of b2b recharge software, let’s now get into b2c recharge software.

1.Recarge solution for web users:

It is completely a web solution for web users, and recharge are done via online. This helps users from going to any retailer’s shop, instead, they can avail this very service for doing all kind of recharges. Needless to say, this is hassle free and easy to use as well.

2.Generation of coupon or code in admin panel:

Unlike in b2b recharge software, a certain kind of coupon and code is generated in admin panel for recharge purposes. This makes this very system both safe and fast to work with.

3.Enabled wallet system:

A system is enabled in b2c recharge software by which users can also use it as an online wallet to pay all kind of online bill; whether it is for online shopping, or transferring fund from one account to another.

4.Induction of balance via payment gateway:

Since, it is b2c recharge software, customers can add balance via payment gateway. And they can use it as per their convenience. It is safe and the fastest way to do it. Hence, it is accumulating more and more popularity among users.

5.Feedback of customers to company:

Yes, unlike in b2b recharge software, users can directly send feedback of the service to the admin of the company. This helps the admin to understand his business in a better way; as a result, he can take corrective measures to improve and expand his online recharge business.

Just like b2b recharge software, there are also some other key features of b2c recharge software; and that includes- the integration of promotional module, management of failure recharges, recharge plan chart facility, integration of multiple api and switching of the same accordingly, and many more.

Key takeaways:

Though mobile recharge software is of two types, yet they serve the same purpose of recharging. But one can’t simply ignore the fact that b2b and b2c multi recharge system is meant to be built and used differently; since, there are so many versatilities as far as recharges are concerned. Ignoring such advice in developing mobile recharge software can land you in conundrum, hence, what you can do is- just follow the decorum in each type of recharge software development.