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Follow these tips to start an online travel agency today itself

Online travel agency in India is bigger than ever before, and it is growing at a rapid pace, and will be so next few decades as well. So, if you are starting a new agency, or trying to rebuild the same, this very post is for you since I will take you through each and every aspect of starting an online travel agency from scratch.

So, stick with me, and just read on.

I will take you through this as I just promised, but before that, let me give a quick feel about the travel industry; and all the prospectus that you can meet through this very online travel agency business.


How much opportunity is there for an online travel business?

Travel industry has a lot more prospect in India, and there is no doubt about it with the advent of latest technologies. People just turn online for all kind of travel solutions ranging from booking a flight ticket to planning a whole tour.

This very tendency has opened a window of opportunities for all the young entrepreneurs, and right so since travel and tourism industry is growing at a fast pace in India.

Millions and millions are planning to visit within their state or out of their state, the number is only growing day by day, and they are your potential customers.

So, what can you do to reach these massive number of Customers?

Well, you can reach these massive number of customers by starting an online travel agency.

And you can start an online travel agency by following few easy tips.

Here is the list of requirements to start an online travel agency in India:

1.Make a thorough research on your competitors and the market.

2.Find your own niche of travel industry.

3.Build your team.

4.Take a call on travel website or travel software, or both.

5.Make a strategy on marketing.

6.Target a location.

Now, let us dig deep into the each and every aspect of it.

1.Make a thorough research before starting a home or franchise based online travel industry:

Yes, this is a fundamental aspect of starting any kind of online travel agency, be it franchise based or home based. You need to dig deep and make a thorough research on your competitors.

This gives you a nice feel about your competitors- their location, marketing strategy, mode of operandi etc.

Just think about it, if you can have access all these aspects of your competitors, then it would help you to strategize better since what’s working for your competitors is supposed to work for you as well.

Therefore, make sure that you research every bit about your competitors. This will help you to a great extent.

2.Get a travel niche in which you want to offer travel services:

There are many niches in travel industry, it can be b2b, b2c, corporate, and many other. You need to decide your niche for your online travel agency.

You can choose a particular one, or you can provide complete travel solution for all travel niches.

You can always go for the latter, but it would be way harder than going for a single niche since it requires in-depth analysis in each aspect of it.

Hence, my tips would always be to go for a single niche, where you can focus each and every aspect of it, and can maximize its growth.


3.Build your team:

If you want to build an Online travel agency, then you have to build a core team for the same. And this has become a necessity for all any kind of travel industry, hence, you should also follow it up with the same as well.

This will bring a lot of flexibility in your online travel agency, which would eventually help you expand your business to a large scale.

So, make sure you have your own in-house team as well as marketing team. The stronger your team, the better it is to build your brand value of online travel agency.

Therefore, try and invest time so that it pays you back.

4. Get a travel website along with travel software:

You would often come across people messing up between travel website and travel software. Let me tell you at the very first place that travel website and travel software aren’t the same.

And to be successful either as a home or franchise based online travel agency, you need to get a travel website along with a travel software.

This is a really an impetus that is required to experience a fast and exceling growth. So, you better take a tour and make sure that you have the best travel website and travel software for your online travel agency.

5. Make a strategy on marketing:

Yes, marketing strategy holds the key as far as successful online travel agency is concerned. Hence, do everything to come up with a robust and proven marketing tactic.

It is easier said than done to come up with a robust marketing tactic, unless you devote certain time period to make a thorough research. So, better be ready to do it for yourself or hire anyone for the same purpose.

6.Target a location:

No marketing strategy would be robust without determining its location. Hence, my tips would be to select a location first, then you can always strategize your marketing plan a lot better.

This will help you in many aspects since each part of our country is different and this diversity helps you to personalize your marketing plan accordingly.

Therefore, select your target location, and then make your marketing plan.

Additional Tips:

Now, you have got everything ready, so you are ready to kick off with the online travel agency business. But before that, you need to follow two more tips that would make you an authenticated body.

What you need to do is just register your online travel agency and get an ISO certified number. This would be a great help to build trust among your potential customers.


Key takeaways:

So, as you just saw, how easy to start an online travel agency. But tell you what, it is easier said than done since one has to dig deep into it to see the outcome in one’s favor.

So, never take things for granted. Get into the ground, make a thorough research; and then come up with your own strategy.

If you follow the tips that have been mentioned over here, you would successfully end up having your own online travel agency. And once you do that, you would have a great reachability; and this would bring a great prospect in exceling your online travel and tourism business.