5 mistakes to avoid while developing mobile recharge software

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Mobile recharge software:how to avoid mistakes while developing it?

Ever since the demonetization, there is an upsurge towards cashless society; since it is a belief that it is a good thing to happen to any nation. Anyway, there are some ways to do it; one of the ways to do it by availing mobile recharge software.

Don’t go by its name; it can do all kind of transaction; whether it is DTH recharge, utilities’ bill payment etc. Hence, it serves the purpose of all in one recharge software. Given the status quo, more and more people are availing these types of software day by day. Hence, there is massive demand as far as mobile recharge software is concerned.

Now if you are a budding entrepreneur and looking forward to exploring new opportunities; this is certainly a good option to go with; and that is obviously recharge business, since you don’t need any major investment; and you can get the best return on investment as well.

And the best way to avail it in its full potential is- by integrating a recharge software to your recharge business. But there are some experiences, where the development of mobile recharge software has gone horrifically wrong. As a result, all it came down to wasting of valuable money; and what adds salt to the wound is-malfunction of the software.

Hence, while developing a mobile recharge software; you need to keep in mind few things; so that mistakes can be avoided.

Now, let’s see what these mistakes are; and how you can avoid them while developing a mobile recharge software.

Here are the mistakes to avoid while developing mobile recharge software:


1.Slow and unresponsive recharge portal:

Software is only built, when you are done with the online portal. And the success of software depends a lot on development of portal; since, portal gets enabled in software. Hence, if your recharge portal is slow and not responsive to mobile; your mobile recharge software won’t do well either.

Hence, you need to make sure that the recharge portal is neither slow nor unresponsive to mobile devices. The faster is your recharge portal, the better it is for your online recharge business.

Solution: The only way, you can resolve this issue is- by communicating well with your developer, and make sure you tell them all what you want. What you can do best is- make sure you do proper research before hiring a developer; so that you only hire a one who knows all about fast and responsive site design.

2.Tough to use interface:

This is one of the reasons behind failing of mobile recharge software. And you shouldn’t undermine it as well; since you are supposed develop a software for a layman after all. Hence, the easier would be your mobile recharge software, the better it is for your online recharge business.

This will generate more and more traffic to your site, and eventually the downloading of the software.

Solution: To have a simple solution to this issue is- complex coding. Yes, a lot of complex coding results in simple and easy to use interface. But very few developer can do it in mobile recharge software; hence, you should be very much on your toes and research nitty and gritty of any developer to hire for this same purpose.

3. Disabled one sim all recharge system:

Basically, the purpose of using mobile recharge software is to do cashless payment without any hassle, it can be done in DTH recharge, net recharge, or any kind of other bill payment. But what if your DTH service provider doesn’t use same service like yours? You would have to face a lot of difficulties; since you wouldn’t be able to pay your bill.

Solution: One and only way to resolve this very issue is- by integrating one sim multi recharge system to your mobile recharge software. This would allow you to pay any kind of bill at any time irrespective of whether your service provider is using same network connection of yours or not.


4.Not compatible with all operating system:

Well, this is another problem that you might face, if you don’t quite know it. What happens with most of the mobile recharge software is- they are not compatible with all operating system. That’s a major setback both for your recharge software and recharge business.

Needless to say that, that hinders a lot and becomes an obstacle as far as your recharge business is concerned.

Solution: Your mobile recharge software has to be compatible with all kind of operating system as simple as that. And to have such facility, you need a good programmer would do all those complex coding, and deliver the project to you.

When you go on to hire a one, you would be promised to have a one with enabled all kind of operating system, but you shouldn’t fall prey to that. You need to cross it before the delivery of the project.

5.Payment not secured:

This is the most important part of the development of mobile recharge software; since if your payment gateway isn’t secured; a lot of key information of users can be mishandled. And once, it becomes evident, you would quite naturally experience a downfall in your recharge business.

Solution: What you can do for secured payment gateway is proper integration of API. In fact, most of the issues that surface time and again is due to the poor integration of API. Hence, you must ask your developer to include API proper in your mobile recharge software.

Key takeaways:

So, as you can see; developing a flawless mobile recharge software depends a lot on the developer. If the developer is experienced, and knows all the technology related to the recharge business; you would have your software safely built without any issue. Hence, all it comes down to is- hiring a good mobile recharge software developer, who is perfectly adept for this task.