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What is mobile recharge software?

It is the time for you to start your own mobile recharge business with your own brand name. The mobile recharge software offers you complete authority to manage the user with different access. You can set the access level for different users without any trouble which allows you to handle your business by yourself.

Due to the increase in the number of prepaid mobile users, the demand for retailers dealing with mobile recharges has increased. This allows a lot of business people and retailers to earn a commission by offering easy recharge in cost effective ways for the prepaid customers. The business owners and retailers always had difficulties in managing different vouchers and coupons of different denomination for different service operators. Though they deal with all recharge, they had tough time managing the different coupons and vouchers. To reduce their burden, my software recharge was developed and it work well and the retailers have got great benefits by using them.

The recharge software works as a multi recharge system and supports different recharge API. This software supports a huge number of virtual mobile numbers and they are compatible with all in one recharge and also supports bill payment and other added features that makes it the best one to be used as one sim all recharge. This application is used as online recharge software and benefits the retailors and the customers. This software enables easy, quick and secured transactions allowing the retailors to track the number of transactions through a quick history and the customers can get recharges done through single sim multi recharge

There are lot of features by using the recharge software that makes it easy for the retailors. It provides a great business opportunity and everyone can start a business with this outstanding software. The mobile recharge software supports automatic recharge facility based on an SMS request or through online recharge portals. There are no difficulties and you can enjoy the effortless transactions through the recharge software. The software supports secured payment gateway for online payments so, the customers do not have to worry about their account details.

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1.What are the services they are providing?

The recharge software is available with different features and you are allowed to choose the best one based on your requirement. They are compatible with Java and Android applications so it is easy for you to install the software on your mobile phones and carry out the recharge operations. It supports bulk SMS API and response SMS system. The software is loaded with multiple mobile recharges API that allows you to provide various features to your customers.

As a retailor, one can get the maximum benefits by using the recharge software as they are easy to use and shifting between the operators are no more a difficult task. Most of the software comes with master administration option that allows you to administer the users and take control of all the accounts that are activated. There is a separate account for the API’s and it provides long code key activation that helps you to do the recharges easily. If you are looking to start a multi recharge company, the software will be very helpful.