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How to start a multi recharge system in India?

Multi recharge system refers to the system that allows users to do all kind of recharges; whether it is DTH recharges, cable recharges; or paying online bill. Since, very few skill is required in this business and people can earn maximum ROI by small investment; everybody is eager to start this very business in their own region.

Though we get calls around the world, yet, I will focus on starting the same in India; since, it is on the rise at the moment. And people can earn a lot in short period of time. Hence, I will give you tips exactly on this in very post. So, stick with me; I will take you through all of this.

I was working in an MNC few years back, there was a lot of pressure which was giving me a lot of trouble both in professional and personal life. That prompted me starting my own new venture. And that was all in one recharge business.

Before I get started with my new venture, I had to go through the following formalities:

  • Get your registration number
  • Do all the legal formalities
  • Get access to a core support team
  • What I didn’t have to do initially is GST registration, but you have to do it now.

  • NNow you are done with the formalities, so I will give you tips; how you can technically start off multi recharge system in India.

    Here is how to start a multi recharge system in India:


    1.Get full time internet access:

    To start off multi recharge system, first thing you need is- full time internet access 24/7. And it is pretty understandable as well; since this all in one recharge business is on online, hence, if you don’t have access to internet; how can you expect to do recharges. So, first thing first- get a full time internet access.

    2.Get a core team:

    If you want to do well in multi recharge system, then you need to get a core team in each aspect of the industry. For an instance, you need a tech-team to develop a recharge software,; similarly, you need a marketing team to make it to reach the people. Last but not the least, you need a seo team as well; since, your business is online.

    3. Get a customized software:

    If you want to start a prepaid mobile recharge in multi recharge system, it has become mandatory to integrate a customized recharge software along with online recharge sites. And the reason behind this is- software works much faster than portal; since, people have to use internet browser to open a site; where as if you have customized recharge software, the people can directly access in your site. So, it is a kind of techno-marketing strategy that helps you get started with multi-recharge system.

    4.Don’t make any minimum balance issue:

    Since, you would start off your new venture, you need to do few things like not restricting users form doing anything if their balance is up to the mark. This will provide extra facility to your users, hence, there is a great chance that more and more people would get into it. But, you need to be very careful of implementing it proper; since this can work differently as well. You may need core marketing team support for that as well.


    5.Get single sim multi recharge system:

    This is a great impetus when you start off multi-recharge business. And why wouldn’t you use it good effect? When this small feature in your recharge can get you loads of loads of traffic. What you need to do is- enabled such system in your recharge sites and mobile recharge software with single sim multi recharge system; this will help users to do all kind of recharges even without changing sim cards. Needless to say, that does put your multi recharge system at a very good space.

    Key takeaways:

    Multi recharge system- is now a key aspect of mobile recharge business . Hence, if you are planning to start all in one recharge business, you should never ever forget to include a multi recharge system in your business. Besides that, you can avail both online and off line marketing technique to make your recharge business a successful one.