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How to start online recharge business in low budget?

I often come across a question in various social media platforms, and i.e how to start online recharge business in low budget? That’s a baffling one to answer, but today, I will give constructive answer to this very question; so that you can start off your new venture in online recharge business.

So, if you are someone, who doesn’t have much of budget. But you eagerly want to have your own business; then this very post is for you. And I will exactly explain how would you do it so? So, stick with me, and just reads on.

Rahul, one of my bosom friends, stays in Bombay. Since he works in a BPO, he doesn’t have fixed scheduled working hour. Anyway, you can imagine his loads of work by his industry. Hence, he also thought of having his own business, and he called me up.

He didn’t have much of budget, as you can imagine he had to meet his other necessary commitment as well. So, it was very tough on my part to give him a good business idea; so that he could start it, and follow it up with big revenue.

Since, I was also associated with online recharge business, I knew, it could be started in the lowest of budget. Hence, I suggested him the same. And after 3 years, now I can say, he has done exceedingly well to start this multi recharge business.

So, you can do the same to start off your online mobile recharge business. How would do it? Here are the ideas.


Here is how to start online recharge business in low budget:

Most of the times, if you have low budget, you think that you wouldn’t be able to start your dream venture. That’s a really a concern, but not with the advent of digital era. You can start your venture even in the lowest budget, for an instance like online recharge business. And this is how you can do it:

1.Go through the legal formalities:

It is pretty obvious that if you want to start off any business, you need to do some legal formalities. And it is no different to start off online recharge business as well. Hence, first thing first, get your registration and GST number; and start off your new venture in multi-recharge system

2.Get a hosting for online recharge sites:

Since, your mode of recharge business would be online, then, you need to have an online recharge sites. And to have a site, it is mandatory to have a hosting and domain; since, you need a lot of space to run an online sites. Therefore, get a hosting for your online recharge business after being registered and then launch it. This comes easy, as you often see, it comes well within range.

3.Get a customized mobile recharge software:

One of the benefits of online recharge business is- instant recharge. And that contributes a lot to mobile recharge software. But many of you think that software is very costly, but it is not the truth always; since this all in one recharge app comes in affordable price. Even my friend with the lowest of budget was able to develop a customized software for his online recharge business. Hence, what you should also follow the same to give your business a real impetus to grow by leaps and bounds.


4.Book API from service provider:

API is the ultimate thing that helps your users to directly get in touch with service provider’s server and get their recharge done. Hence, you need this Application Programming interface for both of your online recharge business sites and mobile recharge software. And, you can book it in small budget as well, since it comes easy.

5.Get multi recharge system:

The recharge website or mobile recharge software should be enabled with multi-recharge system. This doesn’t need you to spend extra few penny, this comes well within software development cost. Hence, you must communicate well with your developer, and get multi-recharge system both in your recharge website and mobile recharge software.

6.Train your troops:

Though initially, you don’t need big teams, yet you need a team from the very beginning, since, online recharge business involves a lot of work. These may not include any technical work, but definitely need a lot of effort to accomplish. Hence, you need to train your troops accordingly; so that they can report the way it should be done.

7.Do SEO:

Since your online recharge business would be on internet, you need to avail this very new online marketing trend. This new marketing trend would ensure more and more traffic in your recharge websites; which is pretty much necessary to keep your online recharge business always on high. You can even do it by your own; all you have to do is- research about it, and get to know its procedure. If not, then you may need an expert.

Key takeaways:

This online recharge business can be started in small budget, and on return, you can get maximum ROI as well. This is why more and more people are taking this up. What makes it even more reachable to people is- anyone can start it, since, you don’t need any special skill for that. Hence, irrespective of you are technically sound or not; you can start this new exciting venture by following aforementioned tips.