7 questions to ask your web designing company before you sign up

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What are the questions to ask your web designing company before hiring them?

Having a website has become necessary in this day and age. It helps your product and service sell conveniently across the world. But what if you mess up your website design? You may end up wasting your valuable money. For that reason, u should be very careful and choosy in hiring a web designing company. And you find a good one, they would take of everything; and as a result, you would be able to take your brand worldwide; without facing any issue.

But the question is-'how would you find a right one for you?' Don’t worry, stick with me; I will give you tips exactly on this.

There are some good Web development companies around the world, not all of them would suit you, and there could be various reasons behind that; but the main reason is- they might not have worked before in the similar project that you want to give them. And that’00s a major concern. You surely don’t want to give your valuable project to a web designing company, who doesn’t have enough experience on the same.

Hence, it becomes absolutely important to verify and compare each of the Web designing and programming companies before hiring any. But that’s not enough, there are several other things that you need to know about a web developer company. Hence, you should ask the following questions.

Here are the questions to ask your web designing company before hiring them:


1.What are the services they are providing?

A web designing company, besides providing quality designing services, they would also have to provide services like SEO , content writing, and website management. The reason, I am saying that, because you would conduct your business online, and if you want to do so, you have to go by SEO guideline.

But if you end up hiring a web designing company randomly without knowing whether they are proving seo services or not, they may violet seo parameters while building your site. And that’s a big mistake in this digital era.

Besides that, you also need to know about their content writing services and website management services as well, because all you need to do after lunching your site is- management, which includes bit of technical work; so that your site can do well in search engine.

2.What kind of templates would they use? Custom templates or re used?

When you meet a website designing company, you are given two options, either you give your ideas to them; so that they can create a new web design for your company, or else use a template that is already used by other companies.

There are several companies working on the same template; which is not important for some small companies. But if you want to create brand awareness, and want to grow fast, then you shouldn’t compromise on having your own designed website template.

Hence, when you are going to hire any web designing company, you need to make sure that, they would customize your website template properly.

3.Study current website and create strategy to earn revenue

Before hiring any web designing company, give them your current site; ask them to audit your site, and come up with a report.

For an instance, I have seen considerable drop down in sales, when I put on carousels in my own site. The moment I figure that out, I removed it immediately. And it helped me revive my site.

Hence, going through the current website will give them the idea where your company stands in the current E market. This will also help them to understand the necessary changes required to gain more clicks and finally turn them into revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to ask about building strategy to your web designer companies; so that you can generate more and more traffic from the new portal.

4.Do they have expertise to do so?

It is the most important part of hiring a web designing company. And I’m sure, you wouldn’t want to hire a one that doesn’t meet your need or fail to deliver quality product, but end up eating a lot of your money. Hence, you should be very careful in choosing a web designing company, who has full expertise to it.

For an instance, if I want to start my own e-commerce service, I would always prefer those, who have always worked in such project in the past; because creating an e-commerce site is a whole lot of different task compared to creating that of lead generation.

And I don’t want to give my project to someone, who has only worked in lead generation site not in e-commerce site.

And the best way to do it by checking their clients’ detail. So, never go missing on that; otherwise you may end regretting after hiring web designing company.

web designing is the crucial part of success

5. Will you be able to monitor their work?

Yes, that’s might sound odd, but this is something that you shouldn’t play it down. I have seen many companies signing up two three projects in a day, but they are doing it by someone else; as a result, they charge you more than what they should.

You don’t want that to happen with you, right? Therefore, you must ensure the web designing company, that you are hiring, must allow you to access; so that you can communicate with them even during the project.

6.What if you need them in future as well?

Though you are supposed to test your site, when it is delivered to you; since there can glitch in it. But if you don’t get any glitch in it in the first place but it develops a one with the passage time, then what should you do? Will come up to help you out? Will they charge you for that?

I myself have experienced that while making recharge software site, but unfortunately, I didn’t have such web designer, who would help me out from such situation. Hence, I had to hire another one to fix that.

You shouldn’t do that, rather be wise, and make sure that the web designing company, you are hiring, would help you in future as well in case you get confronted with a glitch.

7.Will your site be mobile friendly?

Since, we are in digital era, and the number of mobile users has gone up by considerable margin, you just simply can’t ignore this aspect of website. In fact, most of the traffic comes from mobile, and tablet; and if you ignore it, then you would lose 60% of the traffic.

But what would cause you more is that- your site ranking would drop considerably, because search engine does give preference to those sites, which are compatible to AMP(accelerated mobile pages). And you must communicate that to your web designing company as well.

Key takeaways:

You need to research about the Web designing companies thoroughly, so that you don’t regret later. It would help you understanding several factors of your hired company, like how long they take to deliver project? Their charges, quality of work, and many others. It is important to know each and every detail of the company, which will serve you with the Web designing and development. Hence, be sure about a particular company; only then hire them.