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Travel portal development-What are the questions you need to ask?

Travel portal development is an innovative way to give your travel business its lost vigor. In fact, travel portal has become mandatory to survive in a competitive industry like travel. But what are the parameters you need to remember while building such portal?

Well, I am going to give you tips exactly on this; so reads on.

With the advent of 21st century, a lot of things have taken a stern shape for the betterment of us. Things are changing pretty fast today; since almost everything has come to your fingertips. In such a digital era, you have to explore digital platforms to excel your travel business.

And there is no better way to survive than having your own travel portal.

Now while developing travel portal, you need to keep in mind following things.

Here are questions you need to ask for travel portal development:


1.Will they sign up Non-disclosure agreement?

Well, first thing first; you need to ask your development company whether they will sign up non-disclosure agreement before starting off with your project.

This will help you to protect your intellectual property rights of your business idea and model. If only they agree to do so, you may proceed further with them.

2.What are the technologies to be used?

This is the first question, you must ask your developer; since you would love to use the best and most convenient one for your travel portal development.

For an instance, you would surely wouldn’t like to use technologies that will hinder the loading time of your site. You must use the right technology at the right place.

Hence, you must ask that straightway to your developer, and clear the air.

3.How much they focus on solution?

Besides knowing about the technology, you also can’t miss on asking about the solution as well. Not only, they should use right set of technologies but also they must provide the right solution as well.

This will definitely help you for online travel portal development.

4.What kind of services would be integrated?

Since, you are looking for online travel portal development, you need to remember that travel can be done by availing various mode of transport, it can be by plane, train, bus; or something else.

Besides that, you must include hotel booking services as well. Hence, you must integrate all the available services in your travel website.

This will help your users to find almost everything, they are looking for travel. Hence, it would become one stop solution.

This definitely helps to a great extent acquiring more and more customers, and you must ask that to your developer.


5.Will they make app for you as well?

Since you know, people who are doing it very well in travel industry, they are doing it well simply because of two reasons: good online travel portal and easy to use software. And if you want to be successful, you can’t miss on that as well.

You must have your customized software along with travel portal. Hence, you should always go for a one, who would make online travel portal along with software.

6.If so, will they look after the app maintenance as well?

Once, you get to know whether your hiring company would provide app solution or not? You need to know about their app maintenance as well. And you shouldn’t take that lightly, as apps do develop bugs with the passage of time. Needless to say, that can badly effect your travel business.

Hence, you must find a one among web development companies, who would look after all these issue. Needless to say, that does play a big role for a successful travel portal development.

7.What kind of charges system they have?

Web development companies have two different charges system: fixed and hourly. If you know about the travel portal development, then hourly rate can prove to be cost effective. But on the other hand, if you are naïve about it, then fixed rate is a great option to go with.

But you must clarify that with your travel portal development company.

8.How will they ensure secured payment gateway?

You must know a lot of transaction goes on in travel portal, hence, you must integrate secured payment gateway in your travel portal. Unless your payment gateway is secured, you would have a lot of security issue and wouldn’t have a strong customer’s base as well.

9.How much experience they have?

I am sure, you wouldn’t hire a one without any experience, right? Then you must find a web development company, who has worked in similar soft of project in the past. Get in touch with them, make through research, see their live works; and then decide.

I did the same few months back as well, and it definitely made a huge difference in a successful travel portal development.

10.Will the site be SEO friendly?

Last but not the least, you must ask your developers whether your site would be SEO friendly or not? And you shouldn’t take this for granted, since, if your SEO isn’t well; your site wouldn’t be found by others, and your other efforts would go in vain.

Hence, make sure the web company you are hiring is well capable of designing as per SEO guidelines.

Key takeaways:

Asking right set of questions to your web portal development company just ensures you smooth experience of quality travel portal development. And I can guarantee you if you go through the process as I said so, more often than not, you would have a good travel portal for your online travel business.

This will give your travel business impetus that you are desperately looking for.