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Top features of standered mobile recharge software

As an online recharge business owner, I can understand the concerns of other recharge business owner while buying a customized recharge software. So, I thought about easing it through this very post. Yes, I will take you through few top features of multi-recharge system. These top features often determine the quality of recharge software, hence, ticking them would ensure the quality of recharge software.

So, stick with me; I will decode each and everything.

I have often found the margin between an excellent and average all in one recharge software thin. But some small little things do make a lot of difference as far as mobile recharge software is concerned. Hence, you need to follow the following top 5 features.

So, are you ready? Here we go:


Here are the top 5 features of recharge software:

It would be an act of a naive person, if you go on to hire a recharge software developer without researching about the recharge software, since, there is always a possibility that you are taken for a ride. And this is why, it has become necessary to know one or two features of the recharge software. Hence, I am going to do exactly that.

1.Management of pending recharges:

If you own an online recharge business, there are bound to be some cases, where you would face some issues with recharges. This is the reason, your recharge software must have this feature; so that you can force success or force fail any kind of recharges, whether it is pending or not. This obviously gives you better access and better management to recharge software

2.Integration of unlimited users:

Obviously, as an admin of a recharge site, you need to make sure that there is no such obstacle that prevents your business from expanding. Hence, you need to make sure that your recharge software doesn’t have any short coming like limited users addition; so that you can add more and more distributor and retailers to expand your recharge business more.

3.Discount management system:

There has to be discount management system as well; since you would like to let your users know about the new offers. And no better way to do that than by integrating discount management system in your recharge software. This will help you in two ways, at first place it would help your users knowing that, and then it would help others attracting to your recharge system.


4.Secured from all corners:

Yes, security is definitely a cause of concern; when recharge software is going to be built. This is why the recharge software needs to be secured from all kind of mischievous things. And this is the very reason, a recharge software must be consisted of log in, log out, help, forget password, change password, captcha, enabled transaction system. This would help your recharge software from all kind of threats.

5.API shifting mechanism:

It is quite obvious that your recharge software would be a multi-recharge system, hence, it is mandatory that your recharge software does possess all the API and its shifting mechanism. This very system enables users to do all kind of recharges without any obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary that you have this system enabled in your recharge software.

6.SMS and recharge history:

There must be a system enabled in recharge software; so that you can check all the details of sms and recharge history. This will help you to undo any action that is necessary to be done. And ignoring such integration would deprive you of such advance action.

7.Advance dashboard with notification:

Last but not the least, your recharge software must have advanced dashboard with enabled notification. This would allow you as a user to monitor all kind of information. Needless to say, this very feature only make your recharge software more advance than ever before.

Key takeaways:

Recharge software is definitely is a very good introduction as far as online recharge business is concerned. But it does more harm than good, if it is not properly built. Hence, you should go by what I said in the aforementioned tips. They would only make your recharge software more successful than ever before.